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Grazelema is one of the beautiful whitewashed hill towns of Andalucía, and is also the rainiest town in Spain. It rained while we were there as well.
Andalucia, Grazalema130-8566Andalucia, Grazalema130-8572Andalucia, Grazalema130-8575Andalucia, Grazalema, Bullfight Poster V130-8581Andalucia, Grazalema130-8585Andalucia, Grazalema V130-8588Katie Little, Andalucia, Grazalema, Snails130-8626Andalucia, Grazalema V130-8591Andalucia, Grazalema130-8597Andalucia, Grazalema V130-8604Andalucia, Grazalema130-8601Andalucia, Grazalema, Flowers V130-8602Andalucia, Grazalema V130-8613Andalucia, Grazalema, Man with Lamb Leg V130-8621Andalucia, Grazalema, Snails130-8625Andalucia, Grazalema130-8567Andalucia, Grazalema130-8569Andalucia, Grazalema130-8574Andalucia, Grazalema V130-8577Andalucia, Grazalema130-8578

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