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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid, and is the capital of Catalonia. It is a major port, and is famous for its unusual architecture, and Spanish and Catalan culture.
Barcelona, Cathedral, Night139-0043Barcelona,Palm Tree, Night V139-0048Barcelona, La Rambla1034222aBarcelona, Dogs Drinking f Fountain1034231aBarcelona, Fountain1034211aBarcelona, Tapas130-7533Barcelona, Harbor, Girls1034300Barcelona, Placa d Espanya130-7644Barcelona, Placa d Espanya, Fountain, Bullring130-7651Barcelona, Placa d Espanya f Art Museum130-7657Barcelona, Sagrada Famiglia f Art Museum V130-7667Barcelona, Cathedral, Dance130-7557Barcelona, Columns V130-7595Barcelona, Gothic Quarter, Night130-0039Barcelona, Gothic Quarter, Night V130-0042Barcelona, Placa Catalunya, Flowers1034207aBarcelona, Statue Vt1034094aBarcelona, Paella139-0066Barcelona, Montjuic, Overlook130-7670Barcelona, Montjuic, Castle130-7671

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