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Tromso is the largest city in northern Norway. It also has the highest number of wooden buildings anywhere in northern Norway.
Tromso, Arctic Cathedral1040976aTromso, Street, Bldgs1041162aTromso, Tromso Cathedral V1041103aTromso, Whaling Sculpture1041127aTromso, Tromso Bridge1040955Tromso, f Storsteinen Cable Car1040913aTromso, f Storsteinen Cable Car1040942aTromso, f Storsteinen Cable Car V1040939aTromso, Mack Brewery, Polar Bear V1040996Tromso, Mini Car V1041121aTromso, Arctic Cathedral V1041092Tromso, Arctic Cathedral V1041151aTromso, Arctic Cathedral V1041141aTromso, Arctic Cathedral, Organ V1040966Tromso, Arctic Cathedral, Organ1040964aTromso, Arctic Cathedral, Stained Glass Window V1040957aTromso, Arctic Cathedral, Stained Glass Window V1040960aTromso, Arctic Cathedral, Stained Glass Window1040967Tromso, Arctic Cathedral, Windows1041157aTromso, Arctic Cathedral1040972a

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