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St Petersburg, known back when Russia was part of the USSR as Leningrad, is one of Europe's great cities. It has imposing architecture and a series of canals. I visited it first when it was Leningrad, and most recently for a couple of days while working on the Spirit of Oceanus cruise ship.
St Petersburg, Peter the Great Statue During Storm1048326aSt Petersburg, Peter the Great Statue1048318St Petersburg, St Isaacs Cathedral1047450St Petersburg, St Isaacs Cathedral V1048299aSt Petersburg, St Isaacs Cathedral, Dome1047446aSt Petersburg, St Isaacs Cathedral1047407aSt Petersburg, Wedding Couple V1047608aSt Petersburg, Restaurant, Chandelier1047419St Petersburg, St Isaacs Cathedral Dome1048295aSt Petersburg Area, Church1047892aSt Petersburg, Arch1048313aSt Petersburg, Band Welcome1047033aSt Petersburg, Bldg, Ornamentation1048291aSt Petersburg, Church1047020St Petersburg, During Storm1048325St Petersburg, Cruise Ship1048282bSt Petersburg, Girl Taking Photo V1048270aSt Petersburg, Dvortsovaya Pl, f Winter Palace1047285aSt Petersburg, Neva R, Bridge1047028St Petersburg, Neva R, Bridge1047480a

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