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Chugach State Park is a large park with mountains and glaciers to the east of Anchorage. These shots are only a few tidbits of the easily accessible areas just north of Anchorage
Chugach SP, Knik Glacier, Aerial View0577030Chugach SP, Knik Glacier, Aerial View0577028Chugach SP, Thunderbird Falls V0573890Chugach SP, Thunderbird Falls0573884Eklutna Glacier0577295Eklutna Lake, Horses0573328Eklutna Lake, V0573325aEklutna Lake0573314aEklutna Lake0573333aKnik Valley, Pheasant0577735Lake Eklutna, Stream V0577270aLake Eklutna, Stream0577266aLake Eklutna0577313a

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