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Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The town of Valldemossa is featured on its own page elsewhere on this website.
Mallorca, Establiments, Moli Des Comte, Windmill1034017aMallorca, Countryside, Stone Walls1033826aMallorca, Countryside1033822Mallorca, Countryside1033823aMallorca, Establiments, Moli Des Comte Rest Candles V1034055aMallorca, Establiments, Moli Des Comte Rest, Candles1034031aMallorca, Establiments, Moli Des Comte, Restaurant1034028Mallorca, Establiments, Moli Des Comte, Windmill V1034025aMallorca, Establiments, Windmill1034052aMallorca, Palma, Bldg V1033812aMallorca, Palma, Bldg1033805aMallorca, Palma, Bldg1033818aMallorca, Palma, Bldg1033819aMallorca, Palma, Bldgs1033807aMallorca, Palma, Castle1033793aMallorca, Palma, Cathedral1033799aMallorca, Palma, Cathedral1033804aMallorca, Palma, Sculptures1033814aMallorca, Palma, Sculptures1033815aMallorca, Pollensa, Beach1034060

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