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Cadiz is a gateway port to Sevilla, Spain, but does have a lot of interest in its own right. It lays claim to being the oldest city in Europe, which may be true, though much of what can be seen today is of much more recent history.
Cadiz, Cathedral Belltower130-8951Cadiz, Statue130-8882Cadiz, Cathedral Belltower View130-8922Cadiz, Church, Offerings V130-8915Cadiz, Cathedral Belltower V130-8930Cadiz, Cathedral Belltower View130-8939Cadiz, Central Market130-8953Cadiz, Tavira Tower, View130-8980Cadiz, Central Market130-8954Cadiz, Restaurant, Octopus130-8990Cadiz, Central Market130-8955Cadiz, Tavira Tower, View130-8977Cadiz, City Hall130-8879Cadiz, Street V130-8883Cadiz, Bldg V130-8885Cadiz, Street V130-8886Cadiz, Street Cafe V130-8887Cadiz, City Hall Plaza130-8890Cadiz, Church130-8892Cadiz, Church V130-8894

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