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Lyndonville031009-2497aNewbury, Placey Farm, Connecticut R S -2907Island Pond, Barn031010-2654aIsland Pond, Church031010-2667bIsland Pond, Railway Br031010-2663aLemington, Farm, Cemetery031010-2692aIsland Pond, Railway Br031010-2662aLk Willoughby, Boat, V031009-2504aLk Willoughby, Boat031009-2506aLk Willoughby, Kayak, Sunset031009-2552aLk Willoughby, Tree, Sunset031009-2544Lk Willoughby, Tree031010-2624aIsland Pond, Wooden Pedestrian Br, V031010-2671Lemington, Barn, Cemetery031010-2684aLk Willoughby, Boat, V031010-2620aLk Willoughby, Boat031009-2510Lk Willoughby, Boat031009-2514aLk Willoughby, Boat031009-2524aLk Willoughby, Full Moon031009-2585Lk Willoughby, Trees, V031010-2609a

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