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Bucharest is the capital of Romania, and the largest city. It has some impressive architecture but lacks the charm and character of much of the rest of the country (in my opinion).
Bucharest, Antim Monastery031004-1985Bucharest, Atheneum031004-1955Bucharest, Free Press Bldg031004-1932aBucharest, National Library031004-1953Bucharest, Palace of Parliament031004-1971Bucharest, Palace of Parliament031004-1980aBucharest, Antim Monastery, V031004-1982Bucharest, Antim Monastery, Ceiling Frescoe031004-1996Bucharest, Bldg, V031004-2024Bucharest, Blvd Unirii, Fountain031004-1967Bucharest, Caru cu Bere Restaurant031004-2028Bucharest, Clothesline031004-2036aBucharest, Hanul Lui Manuc Inn031004-2041Bucharest, Man Working031004-2037aBucharest, National Bank, V031004-2017aBucharest, Palace of Parliament, Fountains, V031004-1969Bucharest, Pasajul Victgoriei Mall, V031004-2013aBucharest, Princely Church031004-2039aBucharest, Royal Palace, V031004-1948Bucharest, Royal Palace031004-1950

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