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Lake Alpine, Sierras170-6414Lake Alpine, Sierras V170-6416Sonora Pass141-0043Sequoia NP, Sequoia Tree V121-5512Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0030Donner Lake170-3451Donner Lake170-3426Donner Pass, Donner Memorial V170-3433Donner Summit, Rail Sheds170-3427Donner Summit, Bridge170-3424Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0025Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista V141-0026Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0032Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0033Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0036Sonora Pass, Donnell Vista141-0038Sonora Pass V141-0044Lake Alpine, Sierras170-6405Lake Alpine, Sierras170-6412Lake Alpine, Sierras170-6406

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