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St Peters Basilica is the largest church or cathedral in the World. It is the headquarters and main building for the Catholic church.
Vatican, St Peters Basilica0945969Vatican, St Peters Basilica0946025Vatican, St Peters Basilica0946073Vatican, St Peters Basilica, int0945988Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Rotunda, Ceiling V0946044Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Rotunda0946034Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Swiss Guards V0945982Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946002Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946004Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946011Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946018Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946022Vatican, St Peters Basilica V0946052Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Ceiling0945994Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Dove Window V0946026Vatican, St Peters Basilica, int0945993Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Mosaic0946059Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Pieta0946056Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Rotunda0945998Vatican, St Peters Basilica, Statue V0946014

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