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Haines comes across as being the 'real Alaska", as it is one town in the Inside Passage that does not seem to exist primarily to serve the tourist industry. It does get the occasional cruise ship, but not nearly as many as the other ports in the southeast do. It is famous for the annual gathering of the eagles each November, for an unusually late salmon run in the hot spring warmed waters of the Chilkat River. I do not have many images on the site as most of what I have are slides which have yet to be digitized.
Haines, Dock020708-4721Haines, Ferry Terminal020708-4844Haines, Fort Seward V020708-4711Haines, Old Pier020626-2976Haines, Porch020708-4835aHaines, Statue020626-2975Haines020626-2970Haines, Southeast AK St Fair, Chainsaw S V-2936

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