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Just off of the easternmost point in the continental United States is the small island of Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada. It is famous for the Roosevelt cottage where FDR spent many of his early summers and where he first came down with polio. There are also two beautiful lighthouses on the island. Walking out to the East Quoddy Head Light is a bit of an adventure in its own right, as you have to time the tides carefully or you can get stuck out there for six hours or so.
Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Lighthouse112-1509Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1475Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1477Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1479Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1481Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1482Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1484Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage112-1485Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage, Window V112-1487Campobello Island, Roosevelt Cottage, View112-1488Campobello Island, East Quoddy Head, Eagle112-1489Campobello Island, East Quoddy Head, Eagle112-1490Campobello Island, East Quoddy Head, Fish Trap112-1492Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Lighthouse112-1494Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Trail112-1495Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Trail, Steps112-1500Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Trail, Steps V112-1502Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Trail, Sign V112-1504Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Lighthouse112-1507Campobello Is, East Quoddy Head, Lighthouse V112-1519

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