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A variety of images from either coast of Costa Rica.
Limon, Sloth1116918aPlaya Galaronada, Magnificent Frigate1116338aDrakes Bay, Bird040123-9658Drakes Bay, Sunset, People040123-9794Drakes Bay, White Faced Monkeys040123-9669aPlaya Galaronada, Outrigger Canoe1116336Drakes Bay, Zodiac040123-9636Coastal Highway1116314aCoastal Highway1116315Drakes Bay, Bird040123-9729Drakes Bay, Howler Monkeys040123-9699aDrakes Bay, Iguana040123-9645aDrakes Bay, Sunset040123-9806Drakes Bay, White Faced Monkeys040123-9661aDrakes Bay, Zodiac040123-9659Limon, MV Explorer1116920Limon, Sloth1116910aLimon, Sloth1116916aPlaya Galaronada, Access Rd1116316aPlaya Galaronada, Outrigger Canoe1116330a

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