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Bari is an Adriatic port city in the southeastern part of Italy.
Bari, Woman on Balcony1023310Bari, Church1023384Bari, Covered Clothesline1023272Bari, Hat and Basket Shop1023331Bari, Archway1023296Bari, St Nicholas Cathedral1023341Bari, Archway1023298Bari, Street1023303Bari, Swabian Castle1023268Bari, Vegetable Vendor1023295Bari, Balcony V1023322Bari, Bldgs1023286Bari, Cathedral V1023299Bari, Church Statue V1023345Bari, Church, Crypt, Ceiling1023282Bari, Church, Crypts, Frescoes1023278Bari, Church, Crypts1023277Bari, Church, Crypts1023280Bari, Church, Statue1023284Bari, Church1023274

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