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Tracy Arm is one of my favorite places in Southeast Alaska. It is a narrow fjord with two glaciers near the end, waterfalls dropping off of steep cliffs, and plentiful wildlife. However, it seems the glaciers are receding faster than the cruise ships. See it while you can!
Tracy Arm, Seal020625-2922aTracy Arm, Glacier, Boat V020706-4151Tracy Arm, Boat, Calving020625-2842aTracy Arm, Glacier, Boat WA020706-4256Tracy Arm, Glacier, Boat020706-4146Tracy Arm, Zodiac020706-4172Tracy Arm, Zodiacs020625-2959aTracy Arm, N Sawyer G020706-4117Tracy Arm, Seal and Blue Berg020625-2878Tracy Arm, Seal020625-2869aTracy Arm, Seal020706-4208aTracy Arm, Seal020706-4214aTracy Arm, South Sawyer Glacier, Ice030515-9716aTracy Arm, Tree020625-2811Tracy Arm, Waterfall, Zodiac020706-4171Tracy Arm, Waterfall020706-4069Tracy Arm, Waterfall030526-1022Tracy Arm020625-2822Tracy Arm, Boat and Glacier V020706-4104Tracy Arm, Boat020625-2860

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