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These are images from along the coast of Norway, that did not easily fit into another category. The entire coast is very scenic.
Arctic Circle, Globe1041907aArctic Circle, Coast1041918aHeroy, Runde Bird Rock1042612Heroy, Runde Bird Rock1042623aHeroy, Runde Island1042585aNorway Coast, Hurtigruten, Nordnorge1040865Norwegian Coast S of Honningsvag1041789aNorwegian Coast, N of Trollfjord1040835aNorwegian Coast, N of Trollfjord1040845aNorwegian Coast, N of Tromso, Boat1041171aNorwegian Coast, N of Tromso1041218aNorwegian Coast, nr North Cape, Sunset1041219Norwegian Coast, S of Arctic Circle, Cliffs1041960aNorwegian Coast, S of Arctic Circle1041938aNorwegian Sea, Oil Rig1040241aNorwegian Sea, Whale1040221aRorvik, Salmon Farm1042078Arctic Circle, Coast1041900aArctic Circle, Coast1041912aArctic Circle, Coast1041923

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