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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is built on seven hills and has a strong Greek and Roman history and a well-preserved old town.
Plovdiv, Vendor S V-9000Plovdiv, Sundial S V-9001Plovdiv, Amphitheatre S V-9002Plovdiv, Church, Mural S V-9003Plovdiv, Old Town S V-9004Plovdiv, Old Town, Architecture S V-9005Plovdiv, Death Notice on Door S V-9006Plovdiv, Houses S V-9007Plovdiv, Street, Houses S -9008Plovdiv, Street, Houses S V-9009Plovdiv, View S -9010Plovdiv, View, Apartment Bldgs S -9011Plovdiv, Old Town, Architecture S -9012Plovdiv, Old Town, Window S V-9013Plovdiv, Old Town, Street S -9014Plovdiv, Old Town, Windows, Cat S -9015Plovdiv, Old Town, Bldg S V-9016Plovdiv, Old Town, Steps S V-9017Plovdiv, Old Town, Church S -9018Plovdiv, Roman Theatre S -9019

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