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These are images of Athens, some including views of the Acropolis from afar. Photos of the Acropolis itself are in their own folder, Athens-Acropolis.
Athens, Acropolis f Lycavittos Hill151-1879Athens, Acropolis f Lycavittos Hill151-1892Athens, Acropolis Flea Market151-1557Athens, Acropolis, Monastiraki Sq151-1567Athens, Agora, Stoa of Attalos, Rebuilt151-1627Athens, Agora, Temple of Hephaistos V151-1616Athens, Agora, Temple of Hephaistos151-1640Athens, Agora, Temple of Hephaistos151-1643Athens, Arch of Hadrian V151-1916Athens, Monastiraki Metro Station151-1584Athens, Monastiraki Sq, Fruit and Vegetable Stand151-1592Athens, Monastiraki Sq151-1575Athens, Monastiraki Sq151-1576Athens, Odeum of Herodes Atticus151-1398Athens, Pedestrian Street Cafes off Monastiraki Sq151-1579Athens, Roman Agora, Museum151-1642Athens, Gyros151-1651Athens, Library of Hadrian, Acropolis151-1561Athens, Lycavittos Hill, Chapel of St George, Int151-1899Athens, Lycavittos Hill, Monument, Flag V151-1904

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