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San Diego, Balboa Park, Night030810-7444San Diego, Balboa Park030810-7429aCabrillo NM, Old Pt Loma Light030810-7229Cabrillo NM, Shore, Pt Loma Lt St030810-7320asCabrillo NM, Pt Loma View030810-7212San Diego, Balboa Park, Botanic Garden, V030811-7524aCabrillo NM, Statue030810-7217San Diego, Balboa Park, Botanical Gardens1115348aSan Diego, Balboa Park, Botanic Garden030811-7558aCabrillo NM, Shore, V030810-7310San Diego, Bldg100-0085San Diego, City Hall, V030810-7371aSan Diego, Ferry Terminal Clock100-0076aSan Diego, Harbor030810-7356San Diego, Hotel del Coronado, V030810-7139aSan Diego, Jessops Clock100-100aSan Diego, Mission San Diego030810-7105San Diego, Old Town, Belltower100-0049San Diego, Point Loma Light Station030810-7237San Diego, Presidio, Sunset030811-8092a

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