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Alyeska is a world class ski resort just south of Anchorage. It has great ski terrain and snow, but lacks one thing that other American ski areas have, and that's the crowds. It is so far from everywhere else that few people make a special trip just to go to Alaska to ski.
Girdwood, Crow Creek Mine0577752Girdwood, Crow Creek Mine V0577783Girdwood, Crow Creek Mine, Truck0577775Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939812Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area V0939875Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area V0939969Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area V0940006aGirdwood, Alyeska Ski Area V0940105Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area, Bear Costume0939816Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939800Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939793Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939804Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939868Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939902Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939909Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939947aGirdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939978Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939985Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0939997Girdwood, Alyeska Ski Area0940012

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