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A trip in May 2011 through the countryside of eastern Guatemala
Eastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117266Eastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horse, Lassooed1117291aEastern Guatemala, Clothesline1117302aEastern Guatemala, Roadside Fruit Vendor1117249aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117271aEastern Guatemala, Man at Construction Site V1117160aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horse1117262aEastern Guatemala, Dirt Road1117150aEastern Guatemala, Ranch1117253aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117281aEastern Guatemala, Man at Construction Site V1117161Eastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117277aEastern Guatemala, Girl V1117234Eastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horse, Lassooed1117288aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117263aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Horses1117270Eastern Guatemala, Roadside Fruit Vendor1117300aEastern Guatemala, Ranch, Bird1117275Eastern Guatemala, Countryside1117156aEastern Guatemala, Flame Tree1117152a

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