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Rome, the home of the historic Roman Empire, and now the capital and largest city in Italy. With ancient ruins sprawled around the city, there is a never-ending list of places to see. But travelers should beware as there are a lot of scams there taking advantage of naive tourists.
Rome, Trevi Fountain, Night0945706Rome, Pantheon0945726Rome, Pantheon0945732Rome, Piazza Navona0945743Rome, Piazza Navona0945750Rome, Vittorio Emmanuele II Mon0945754Rome, Colosseum, int0945775Rome, Colosseum, int0945825Rome, Constantine Arch0945832Rome, Colosseum0945848Rome, Forum, Statue V0945903Rome, Forum0945926Rome, Forum0945932Rome, Castle San Angelo0946076Rome, Castle San Angelo0946094Rome, Colosseum, Night0946112Rome, Constantine Arch, Night0946128Rome, Campo Cestio, Cemetery150-9241Rome, Capitolina Hill150-9378Rome, Forum and Colosseum150 -9395

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