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Take the last train to Clarksville, even though it no longer stops here...

Some of the construction going on was repair from a tornado that hit downtown a year before I was there.
Clarksville, Church140-4099Clarksville, Bldg140-4084Clarksville, Construction140-4098Clarksville, Courthouse141-4111Clarksville, Doorway140-4100Clarksville, Downtown140-4083Clarksville, Mural, Clocktower140-4089aClarksville, Mural, Train Station140-4088aClarksville, Mural140-4087aClarksville, Mural140-4095aClarksville, Museum Tower141-411Clarksville, Museum, Roof141-4114Clarksville, Tennessee State Sign143-4347aClarksville, Tennessee State Sign143-4348Clarksville, War Memorial141-4107Clarksville, Window Mannequin140-4096

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