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A trip down the Rio Dulce from Lake Isabal to the Caribbean Sea in Guatemala
Lake Izabal, San Felipe Castle1117320aLake Izabal, San Felipe Castle1117316aLake Izabal, San Felipe Castle1117321aLake Izabal, San Felipe Castle1117323Lake Izabal, San Felipe Castle, White Heron1117324aRio Dulce, Canoe, Woman Selling Crabs1117353aRio Dulce, Bldg, Egret1117344aRio Dulce, Bldg1117339aRio Dulce, Boat Shed1117350aRio Dulce, Egret1117368aRio Dulce, Bldg1117338aRio Dulce, Canoe1117336aRio Dulce1117360aRio Dulce, Canoe, Woman Selling Crabs1117352aRio Dulce, Canoe1117331aRio Dulce, Boat Shed1117361aRio Dulce, Bldg1117337aRio Dulce, Bldg1117339bRio Dulce, Bldg1117340aRio Dulce, Bldg1117354a

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