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I've been to Hong Kong three times now, twice on ships and once by plane arriving there to begin a trip to parts of China. Hong Kong and its suburbs make up a huge metropolis with an enormous number of apartment buildings and mass of people. Yet, there are undeveloped areas and a great beauty about it. On none of these visits was I able to do a lot of exploring, as I was either working or passing through. Some of these are from my most recent visit as part of the Semester at Sea program.
Hong Kong, Street120-8850Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, View120-8966Kowloon, Signs020326-4518Hong Kong, Bus020327-4604Hong Kong, Reflections020327-4605Kowloon, Public Nose Spray020327-4614Hong Kong, Harbor0949002aHong Kong, Harbor0949016aHong Kong, Harbor, Boat0949035Hong Kong, Bldg0949066bHong Kong, Man Mo Temple0949080Hong Kong, Man Mo Temple V0949096Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, View0949127Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, View0949136Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, View0949155Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Tram V0949108Hong Kong, Longest Escalator020327-4597Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Photo Shoot0949165Hong Kong, Christmas Display0949228Hong Kong, Stanley Market0949045

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