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Bergen is a coastal city in the southern part of the Norwegian coast. It was a Hanseatic League city, and important trading center in past centuries. It is the second largest city in Norway.
Bergen, Bryggen1043756aBergen, Bryggen, Alley1043786Bergen, Bryggen, Alley1043796aBergen, Bryggen, Street1043738Bergen, Bryggen, Alley V1043781aBergen, Holberg Statue V1043717aBergen, Bird on Statue V1043709aBergen, Dog at Cafe V1043871Bergen, National Theater, Ibsen Statue1043517aBergen, Sculpture at Lk Lungegardsvann1043851aBergen, Sculpture at Lk Lungegardsvann1043862aBergen, Troldhaugen, Grieg Recital1043577Bergen, Mt Floyen, View, Lk Lungegardsvann1043623aBergen, Mt Floyen, View1043618aBergen, Mt Floyen, View1043638aBergen, Troldhaugen, Grieg Home, Nordas Lake1043537Bergen, Fish Market, Whale Meat V1043702aBergen, Apartment Bldg1043457aBergen, Balcony1043455Bergen, Arts and Industry Mus V1043833

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