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St Emilion is a beautiful town in the heart of the Bordeaux wine country.
St Emilion, Flowers V1037012aSt Emilion, Village1036983St Emilion Area, Vineyards1037040aSt Emilion, Tower, View1036882aSt Emilion, Tower, View1036893aSt Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau1037099aSt Emilion Area, Vineyards1037196aSt Emilion, Tower, View1036901aSt Emilion Area, Vineyards1037197aSt Emilion, Old Church Wall Ruins1036862aSt Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau, Door V1037145St Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau, View of Village1037088aSt Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau, Vineyards V1037190aSt Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau, Flowers1037159St Emilion, Tour de Pressac Chateau, Vinyards, Flowers1037081aSt Emilion, Tower, View, Vinyards1036912aSt Emilion, Tower, View1036955aSt Emilion Area, Vineyards1037034aSt Emilion Area, Vineyards1037038St Emilion Area, Vineyards1037199a

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