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Talkeetna is a small town on a spur road off of the Parks Highway. The road has great views of Denali (Mt McKinley). Talkeetna is famous for its moose dropping festival, though I have heard rumor that tradition may have ended.
Talkeetna V0573748aTalkeetna0573749Talkeetna, Mt McKinley0580399Talkeetna, Airport0580372Talkeetna, Doll0580404Talkeetna, House0580376Talkeetna, Lake0573756Talkeetna, Mt Foraker0573741aTalkeetna, Mt Foraker0580364Talkeetna, Mt Foraker0580391Talkeetna, Mt McKinley V0580388Talkeetna, Mt McKinley0573738aTalkeetna, Mt McKinley0573744aTalkeetna, Mt McKinley0580367aTalkeetna, Mt McKinley0580403Talkeetna, Mt McKinley0580406Talkeetna, Mt McKinley0580865Talkeetna, River0580381Talkeetna0580373Talkeetna Area, Aerial0580412

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