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The Richardson Highway connects Valdez, to the south, with Fairbanks and the Alaska Highway to the north, passing Wrangell St Elias National Park along the way. The Alaska pipeline parallels the road for much of the way, though is only visible above ground for portions of the road.
Richardson Hwy, Mt Drum0582875Richardson Hwy, Pipeline0582889Keystone Canyon, Bridleveil Falls0574610aKeystone Canyon, Lowe R, Rafters V0574576Keystone Canyon0574591Richardson Hwy, Moose0611055aRichardson Hwy, Moose0611064Richardson Hwy, Moose0611098Richardson Hwy, Grizzly Pizza0574079aRichardson Hwy, Alaska Pipeline V0612548aRichardson Hwy, Alaska Pipeline0574092aRichardson Hwy, Alaska Pipeline0612546aRichardson Hwy, Alaska Range, Tenana R0610011Richardson Hwy, Alaska Range, Tenana R0610016aRichardson Hwy, Alaska Range, Tenana R0610036Copper Center, House0574070aCopper Center, Princess Hotel0574108Copper Center, Sled Dog V0574104Richardson Hwy0612586aWorthington Glacier0574564

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