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Vilnius, Church S -8599Vilnius, Church Columns S V-8600Vilnius, Church S V-8601Vilnius, Gate S V-8602Vilnius, View f Castle S -8603Vilnius, Alley S -8604Vilnius, Frieze S -8605Vilnius, Church of St Peter and Paul, Ceiling S V-8606Vilnius, TV Tower, Memorial S -8607Vilnius, TV Tower, Memorial S V-8608Vilnius, TV Tower, Memorial S V-8609Vilnius, Parliament S -8610Vilnius, Parliament, Grafitti S -8611Vilnius, Parliament, Memorial S -8612Vilnius, KGB Museum, Memorial S V-8613Vilnius, KGB Museum S V-8614Vilnius, KGB Museum S V-8615Vilnius, KGB Museum S -8616Vilnius, Flower Market S -8617Vilnius, Kavine Theater S V-8618

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