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Kaunas, Apartment Bldgs S -8584Kaunas, Church of St Peter and Paul, Int S -8585Kaunas, Street S -8586Kaunas, Phone Booths S -8587Kaunas, Street S -8588Kaunas, Ironwork S -8589Kaunas, Square, Phone Booth S -8590Kaunas, Church, No Smoking Signs S V-8591Kaunas, Church, Tower S V-8592Kaunas, Tomb of Unkonwn Soldier S -8593Kaunas, Church, Tower S V-8594Kaunas, Balcony S -8595Kaunas, Church, f Alectsotas S V-8596Kaunas, Street S -8597Kaunas, Street S -8598

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