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I have not actually stepped foot on the Greek island of Poros. These photos were all taken from the ferry as it passed by the island.
Poros, Waterfront151-1860Poros, Waterfront151-1870Poros151-1681Poros151-1702Poros, Waterfront151-1873Poros151-1658Poros V151-1672Poros151-1655Poros V151-1675Poros, Waterfront151-1854Poros, Waterfront151-1856Poros, Waterfront151-1861Poros, Waterfront151-1864Poros, Waterfront151-1865Poros151-1659Poros151-1661Poros151-1662Poros151-1665Poros151-1670Poros151-1674

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