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Honfleur is in Normandy, at the Estuary for the Seine River. It is famous for its small harbor lined with old buildings.
Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9643Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9651Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9653Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9655Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9658Honfleur, St Catherines Church, Interior130-9676Honfleur, Bldgs130-9680Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9698Honfleur, Vieux Bassin130-9699Honfleur, Bldg V1038445aHonfleur, Bldg V1038454Honfleur, Bldg, Church1038470Honfleur, Bldg, Doorway, Bike1038448Honfleur, Bldg, Doorway, Steps V1038452aHonfleur, Bldg, Plant1038500Honfleur, Bldgs V1038485Honfleur, Bldgs1038392aHonfleur, Bldgs1038461aHonfleur, Bldgs1038462aHonfleur, Boat1038533a

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