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Ein Gedi Nature Res, Waterfall S -9458Masada S -9459Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity S V-9460Masada S -9306Masada S -9307Tel Aviv, Aerial View S -9308Tel Aviv, f Jaffa S -9309Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Square, Fire and Water Fountain S -9310Jaffa, Lighthouse S V-9311Ein Avdat NP S -9312Ein Avdat NP S -9313Ein Avdat NP S -9314Ein Avdat NP S V-9315Avdat, Camel Art S -9316Avdat, Ruins S -9317Avdat, Ruins S -9318Mitzpeh Ramon Crater S -9319Jericho, Shop S -9320Israeli Flag S -9321Qumran, Site of Dead Sea Scrolls S -9322

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