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Shennong Stream was a beautiful stream that has since been submerged by water backed up by the Yangtze River Dam. The villages that can be seen high on the hills are the new villages built to be just above the new river level once the reservoir is full of water.
Shennong Stream, Boat020401-5676Shennong Stream, Boats020401-5631Shennong Stream020401-5588Shennong Stream, Huts020401-5624Shennong Stream, Pulled Boat020401-5693Shennong Stream, Pullers020401-5696Shennong Stream, Pullers020401-5699Shennong Stream, Singers020401-5612Shennong Stream, Vendors020401-5671Shennong Stream020401-5599Shennong Stream, Wash020401-5637aShennong Stream020401-5572Shennong Stream, Badong, New020401-5715Shennong Stream, Boat Building020401-5583Shennong Stream, Boat020401-5659Shennong Stream, Boat020401-5697Shennong Stream, Boat020401-5709Shennong Stream, Boats and Hut020401-5639Shennong Stream, Boats, New Town020401-5628Shennong Stream, Boats020401-5580

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