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Quito is the capital and largest city in Ecuador. There are a lot of interesting sights to see. The US dollar is the official currency of Ecuador.
Quito, Plaza de San Francisco S -7915Quito, Church S V-7890Quito, Men on Bench S -7892Quito, Park, People w Umbrella on Bench S V-7897Quito, Street, Bldg S -7893Quito, Cathedral, Int S -7902Quito, Boy on Bench w Ice Cream S -7904Quito, Street S -7924Quito, Statue S V-7928Quito, Steps S -7933Quito, Cathedral, Clock Faces S -7947Quito, Cathedral, Towers S -7957Quito, Street S -7965Quito, Shoe Shine S-7886Quito, Bldg S-7887Quito, Medical and Dental Clinic S-7888Quito, Window, Balcony S-7889Quito, Church S V-7891Quito, Balloon Seller S -7894Quito, Woman and Children S -7895

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