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The Pribilofs are a group of a few islands out in the middle of the Bering Sea. Two of these islands are inhabited, and they have somewhat different backgrounds and really do not associate with each other. Some people call the Pribilofs the "Galapagos of the North" for the wildlife, including numerous types of seabirds and over 80% of the world's population of northern fur seals. This page focuses on the island of St Paul.
St Paul, Church, Crosses020604-0534St Paul, Church020604-0525St Paul, f Church020604-0516St Paul, Fur Seals020604-0481aSt Paul, Puffin Flying020604-0577aSt Paul020604-0472St Paul, Puffin020604-0619St Paul, Puffin020604-0625aSt Paul, Puffin020615-1796aSt Paul, Puffins020604-0618aSt Paul, Road020604-0466St Paul, f Church020604-0520St Paul, Seal020615-1752St Paul, Seal020615-1764St Paul, Wall020604-0643St Paul, Bird020615-1794aSt Paul, Birdhouse020604-0544St Paul, Birdrock020615-1716St Paul, Birds020604-0498St Paul, Birds020604-0594

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