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Lisbon is the capital and largest city in Portugal. It is a city with a lot of character and interesting architecture. The lower town was destroyed in a major earthquake in the 1700s and then rebuilt in a grid pattern.
Lisbon, Alfalma, Statue130-9394Lisbon, View130-9380Lisbon, Alfalma, View130-9386Lisbon, Alfalma, Tram130-9408Lisbon, Castle f Eiffel Elevator130-9423Lisbon, f Eiffel Elevator130-9441Lisbon, f Eiffel Elevator130-9447Lisbon, Guards V130-9454Lisbon, Chiado, Park130-9463Lisbon, Chiado, Park, View130-9488Lisbon, Alfalma, Church130-9522Lisbon, Tram130-9514Lisbon, Bldgs V130-9359Lisbon, Bldgs V130-9361Lisbon, Archway V130-9366Lisbon, Bird Bath130-9372Lisbon, Bldgs V130-9376Lisbon, Castle130-9377Lisbon, Alfalma, View130-9382Lisbon, Alfalma, View130-9383

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