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Images from the interior of Costa Rica taken on a couple of trips to the area.
Arenal Volcano, Tree040127-0726Arenal Volcano040127-0700aArenal Volcano040127-0706aArenal Volcano040127-0712Arenal Volcano040127-0714bArenal Volcano040127-0716aCachi, Dreamers House040128-1004Cartago, Girls on Phone040128-0919aCartago, Virgen de Los Angeles Church, Ceiling040128-0909Cartago, Virgen de Los Angeles Church, int040128-0904Cartago, Virgen de Los Angeles Church040128-0901aCartago, Virgen de Los Angeles Church040128-0917Costa Rica Countryside1116295aCosta Rica, Countryside, Indian Cane1116243Costa Rica, Village, Church1116246aCountryside, Butterfly040127-0678aCountryside, Traffic Jam040127-0666Grecia, Metal Church V1116282Grecia, Metal Church V1116285Grecia, Metal Church V1116294

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