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This is as far downeast as you can go in Maine. In fact, it is the easternmost spot of land in the contiguous United States (not the easternmost spot in the United States, as Alaska holds that title). East Quoddy Head is in New Brunswick, Canada, on Campobello Island.
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse0461581West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse131-1973West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse131-1975West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, V0461594West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse131-1985West Quoddy Head, Trail V131-2054West Quoddy Head, Cliffs131-2000West Quoddy Head, Trail, Dead Tree131-2003West Quoddy Head, Cliffs V131-2036West Quoddy Head, Cliffs131-2039West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse V131-1976West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse131-1979Lubec, West Quoddy Head Light V0749637Lubec, West Quoddy Head Light0749631aLubec, West Quoddy Head Light0749635West Quoddy Head, Cliffs131-1981West Quoddy Head, Cliffs131-1983West Quoddy Head, Granite131-1986West Quoddy Head, Lighthouse131-1991West Quoddy Head, Cliffs131-1993

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