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Gallipoli lies on the peninsula that guards the western side of the Dardanelles strait that connects the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea south of Istanbul. It is best known by many westerners as the site of a famous WWI battle to control the Dardanelles and access to the southeast part of Europe and the Black Sea. Mostly British, Australian, and New Zealand troops tried to invade and control the area unsuccessfully and at a great cost of life to both sides. That long battle is still celebrated today as ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand.
Canakkale1016222Dardanelles, Container Ship1016323Dardanelles, Container Ship1016327Dardanelles, Ferry, Kids1016205Dardanelles, Ferry, Kids1016320aDardanelles, Ferry1016206Dardanelles, Ferry1016209aDardanelles, Ferry1016213Dardanelles, Hillside Flag1016225Eceabat, Attaturk Mural1016315Eceabat, Memorial V1016232Eceabat, Memorial V1016312Eceabat, WWI Mural1016317Eceabat, WWI Mural1016319Eceabat1016228Gelibolu NHP, ANZAC Cove, View of Sphinx1016252Gelibolu NHP, ANZAC Cove1016262Gelibolu NHP, ANZAC Cove1016263Gelibolu NHP, ANZAC Cove1016265Gelibolu NHP, ANZAC Memorial and Cemetery1016273

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