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Barumini has many nuraghe, which are the remains of neolithic structures from as long ago as 1900 BC.
Barumini, Ruins on Hill1027760aBarumini, Nuraghe1027876aBarumini, Nuraghe1027810aBarumini, Nuraghe1027803Barumini, Nuraghe V1027820Barumini, Nuraghe V1027832Barumini, Nuraghe V1027849Barumini, Nuraghe V1027861Barumini, Palazzo Zapata, Church1027884Southern Sardinia, Countryside1027746bBarumini, Flowers 1027900aBarumini, Flowers  V1027904aBarumini, Countryside1027824Barumini, Nuraghe V1027765aBarumini, Nuraghe V1027794bBarumini, Nuraghe V1027815Barumini, Nuraghe V1027817Barumini, Nuraghe V1027837Barumini, Nuraghe V1027851Barumini, Nuraghe V1027858a

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