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The Moeraki Boulders are a set of strange spherical rock formations on the beach north of Dunedin.
Moeraki, Boulders0735831Moeraki, Bird0735949Moeraki, Boulders V0815990Moeraki, Boulders0735850Moeraki, Boulders0815966aMoeraki, Boulders0815983Moeraki, Boulders0815996Moeraki, Deers Eye0735823Moeraki, Harbour0735884Moeraki, Harbour0735890Moeraki, Lighthouse V0735929Moeraki, Restaurant, Door V0735910Moeraki, Restaurant0735908Moeraki, Beach0735819aMoeraki, Boulders V0815980Moeraki, Boulders, Detail V0735856Moeraki, Boulders, Detail0735841Moeraki, Boulders0735837Moeraki, Boulders0735838Moeraki, Boulders0735844a

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