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Saranda is a port and tourist town on the southern coast of Albania, and is the gateway to the Roman and Greek ruins of Butrint.
Saranda, AlbaniaSaranda, House w Teddy Bear1019457aSaranda, nr, Demolished Bldg Start1019475Saranda, nr, Doll on Telephone Pole1019471aSaranda, nr, Fieldworkers1019442aSaranda, nr, Mosque1019463aSaranda, nr, Nets1019454aSaranda, nr, Road1019439aSaranda, nr, Road1019462aSaranda, nr, Woman at Store1019470aSaranda, Apartments V1019850Saranda, Apartments1019753Saranda, Apartments1019769Saranda, Apartments1019836Saranda, Beach1019775Saranda, Beach1019778Saranda, Beach1019783Saranda, Beach1019789Saranda, Beach1019792Saranda, Bear on Building Project1019716a

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