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These are images from the beaches and town of York, Maine, not including Nubble Light which has its own gallery.
York, Cape Neddick, Winter0516670York, Bird and Apple, V030806-6962aYork, Cape Neddick, Winter030107-0663aYork, Cemetery, Headstones030107-0682aYork, Lobster Pound, Shack, Boueys160-4281York Beach170-2733York Beach170-2730York Beach170-2729York, Cape Neddick, Winter030107-0665aYork, Cape Neddick030107-0658aYork, Cemetery, Headstones030107-0680York, Cemetery030107-0675York, Cemetery030107-0677York, Church030107-0576York, Parks Emblem030107-0648York, Short Sands0614234York, Short Sands0614239York, Short Sands0614241York, Storm0730258aYork, Storm0730260a

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