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Some scenes from a bus ride through the countryside of Nicaragua.
Momotombo Volcano, f Leon Viejo1116088Nicaragua, Traffic Clowns1116220aNicaragua, Village, Horse and Cart1116222aCorinto, House1116017aCorinto, Lake1116020aNicaragua, Village, Woman w Baloons1116223aCorinto, nr, Laundry in River1116040aCorinto, Coke Mural1116029aCorinto, Horse Cart1116031aLeon, Woman in Yard1116092aCorinto, Bike Cab1116027aCorinto, House1116018aCorinto, Men in Back of Pickup1116030Corinto, nr, Street1116032aCorinto, Statue1116019aMomotombo Volcano, f Leon Viejo1116084Momotombo Volcano, f Leon Viejo1116085Nicaragua, Men in Back of Truck1116217aNicaragua, Schoolkids1116056Nicaragua, Traffic Clowns1116219a

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