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Cape Breton Island is the northernmost main section of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. This area is full of scenery and history, and some of the friendliest people anywhere.
Bay St Lawrence, Boat020812-5980aBlack Brook Beach020811-5896Cap Rouge, Cabot Tr020811-5771Capstick, Coastline020812-5990Cheticamp, Boats020811-5717Cheticamp, Shack, V020811-5723Ingonish, Boats020811-5909Little Smokey Viewpoint, Flowers020812-5948Margaree Harbour020811-5666Neils Harbour, Boat, Traps020812-6186Neils Harbour, Traps020812-6208aPleasant Bay, Gift Shop020811-5811Red River, Coast020811-5875Red River, Cove020811-5843White Point, Antlers020812-6118White Point, Boats, Traps020812-6125White Point, Boats020812-6088White Point, Harbour020812-6076Aspy Bay Church020812-5959Bay St Lawrence, Boat020812-5973

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