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Yosemite is one of my favorite national parks. I especially enjoy it in the winter with the snow, the autumn colors, and the spring with the full waterfalls. The summer is beautiful as well, but I fear the crowds that time of year. These images are from a two-day trip in the autumn of 2011.
Yosemite NP, Tunnel View112-3591Yosemite NP, Upper Yosemite Falls112-3377Yosemite NP, Mariposa Grove V112-3236Yosemite NP, Merced R, Bridal Veil Falls112-3578Yosemite NP, Valley Floor, Cottonwoods112-3394Yosemite NP, Coyote w Injured Leg112-3117Yosemite NP, Lower Yosemite Falls V112-3441Yosemite NP, Merced R112-3522Yosemite NP, Pohono Br112-3499Yosemite NP, Ferns112-3479Yosemite NP, Tunnel View, El Capitan112-3106Yosemite NP, Upper Yosemite Falls112-3388Yosemite NP, Upper Yosemite Falls112-3426Yosemite NP, Valley Floor, Half Dome112-3420Yosemite NP, Valley Floor, Ferns112-3407Yosemite NP, Yosemite Falls V112-3457Yosemite NP, Tunnel View112-3594Yosemite NP, Valley Floor, Cottonwoods112-3403Yosemite NP, Autumn Foliage V112-3506Yosemite NP, Autumn Foliage V112-3556

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