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Texas has its bluebonnets and New Hampshire has its lupine. Most prevalant in the north country, I got there a bit early this year, before they were all in bloom. Some of these images were from a trip several years ago. Most of these are from the area around the town of Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1669Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1777Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1796Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1664Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1683Sugar Hill, Lupine, Barn121-1689Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1723Sugar Hill, St Matthews Episcopal Chapel, Lupine121-1781Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1789Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1755Sugar Hill, Lupine121-1665Sugar Hill, Lupine and Dandelion030616-2441aSugar Hill, Lupine, Backlit030616-2561Sugar Hill, Lupine, Mt Lafayette030616-2512aSugar Hill, Lupine030616-2411aSugar Hill, Lupine, Mtn View, Cart030616-2518Sugar Hill, Lupine, Mtn View, People030616-2397aSugar Hill, Lupine, Mtn View, V030616-2547Sugar Hill, Lupine, Mtn View030616-2396aSugar Hill, Lupine, Mtn View030616-2532

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